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⭐NEWS ⭐ The online consultation is now open. Have your say here.

What are the key issues for PMDD research in the UK?

This exciting project aims to create a plan for future PMDD research in the UK.

The research plan will be developed using insight and experience from a range of people.

These include:

(i) people living with PMDD

(ii) health care professionals who see patients with PMDD

(iii) organisations who support people living with PMDD

(iv) people who are involved in emergency mental health crisis support

(v) researchers involved in suicide prevention

We will collect insight from people in three different ways:

Focus groups (group discussions)

Online survey

Stakeholder workshop

We would love to have you involved. Email me at for more details.

We acknowledge that people who are not white cis-gender women have more barriers to taking part in health research. If this describes you, please say hi in an email. We want your valuable and important insight and we welcome dialogue on how to make that easier.

The full study information sheet can be found here

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